Mark Tonic

Web Application

May 2, 2024

Mark Tonic is an ERP from SMEs that is customizable. The user can choose the features he wants along the data visualizations he requires to operate his business in the dashboard.

About The Client

The Mark – tonic client is from Saudi Arabia who is geared to develop a customizable ERP software for the hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, retail shops etc.

The Challenges

The Mark – tonic project is an innovation oriented project. Its geared to revolutionize the ERP arena of the world by introducing a customizable, no code ERP that can be customized by using drag and drop method according to the client needs. Along with this major challenge it is designed to analyze the data within its system and to present it to the user through graphical visualization.

Our Unique Approach

Keeping in mind the challenges faced by users of the web and mobile application, TechVention designed the application. It was developed using MERN tech stack. Below is the solution architecture of the application:


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